You can close the gap between your inbox and conversion with dedicated landing pages tailored for each email campaign.

From inbox to after-click, create a consistent experience.

Your prospect has now received your offer. They clicked on your request and were delighted. This is the critical point of conversion – when websites fail to convert.

Mixed messaging gets poor results.

After someone clicks an email offering 20% off pumpkin-spiced treats, they are sent to a link-laden website. This can confuse the message and distract them from what they want.

New web pages have new bottlenecks.

You can’t code yourself, but it wastes time and resources.

Mobile users demand a mobile-optimized user experience.

An astounding 59%* several emails are opened from a mobile device. Mobile responsive landing pages that are offer-specific and fast give smartphone users precisely what they need before they even think about bouncing.

Fast, launch campaign-tailored pages.

With customizable templates, you can match each campaign’s look.

You have creative control over more than 100+ templates that can be used to match any branded product, giveaway, sale, or event you offer to your email subscribers.

Mobile pages that load quickly

Mobile Traffic receives the best mobile treatment thanks to super-fast loading pages powered By Unbounce Speed Boost.

Page cloning saves time.

Do you like it? Copy it! You can create pages for different email campaigns using one click. Edit as often as you want to speed up launch times.

You can create a personal experience.

Relevance is a critical factor in conversion. Visitors will have a personalized experience, from email to landing pages, with the right message and offer at the perfect time.

Automatically match page text to each email receiver.

Dynamic text replacement swaps out text with keywords, so Fred Frederickson from Freddie’s Fruit Fly Farm receives an email and landing page that feature his name, company, or location.

Based on visitor activity, surface relevant offers

Use sticky bars and popups to deliver calls-to-action triggered by someone’s browsing behavior. These can be added to landing pages to highlight related promotions or related offers.

Add custom tools to scripts.

Use Script Manager to create calendars for bookings and customer review widgets. You can even sell tickets on multiple landing pages simultaneously using Script Manager.

Optimize pages to improve performance

Pages that improve campaign results can take the guesswork out.

Incorporate lead data into your CRM or MA

Integrations with HubSpot and Marketo, as well as over 1000 others through Zapier, make it easier to track leads for better segmentation and personalization.

Find out what is working on each page.

You can take a data dive using our page stats to gain even greater insight into your email campaigns.

Machine learning can be leveraged to achieve the best results.

Intelligent Traffic automatically sends every prospect on your list to the landing pages most likely to convert.