Mobile marketing was unheard of when the internet was only accessible via a desktop computer. Most firms relied on tried-and-true strategies such as leaflet distribution and newspaper advertisements. With the selection of a mouse, marketers can now access large worldwide audiences, and mobile advertising has become a game-changer.

Mobile Marketing’s Importance

Larger companies have realised the value of mobile marketing, and they have entire departments dedicated to creating mobile marketing strategies. Executives are likely to send their top executives on a transferable marketing course as they are to pay for Six Sigma lean business training.

Smaller businesses, however, are not always on board with the concept. If you identify with this group, here are seven reasons why you can no longer afford to ignore mobile marketing.

The use of mobile devices is increasing.

70% of the world’s population currently uses a mobile device to access the internet. Desktop computers are becoming less popular, especially among the younger generation. Mobile marketing is no longer a fad; it is now a necessary component of any marketing strategy.


1. Smartphones are used more than any other gadget, and the average person uses their smartphone for 195 minutes every day. We use our smartphones to shop, talk, surf the internet, and keep up with social media. You have a significantly better chance of reaching clients if you pay attention to mobile marketing.

2. SMS marketing on mobile devices is considerably more effective than email or internet-based marketing. People are more likely to open an SMS message than open an email marketing campaign.

3. Google gives mobile-friendly sites a higher ranking than non-mobile-friendly sites. Your orders will be impacted if your website does not operate well when viewed on a mobile device.

4. If you want to track your brand’s performance, you’ll need mobile advertising data. Businesses can target clients based on their location using available data, giving you the option to drive them straight to your store.

5. E-commerce is no longer the way to go when shopping. Instead, it’s right in front of you, right now. Google is working on a ‘Buy’ button for mobile shoppers, so selling things from mobile pages won’t belong.

6. Major brands spend a lot of money on mobile advertising because it gives them the most bang for their budget. Print and television/radio is no longer in use.

7. Mobile impacts how we consume content, and it would help if you thought outside the box to succeed in mobile marketing. Innovative, entertaining material performs better than a simple text box ad.

Marketing in the Future

You cannot afford to disregard mobile power. Mobile may not seem vital to a small, local business, but if you let this important opportunity pass you, your firm will suffer in the long run.

Customers will migrate to more forward-thinking organisations, leaving you behind. So please take advantage of mobile marketing and put it to work for you.